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Matéria Sobre Sementes Importadas Na Globo

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Alguém me ajuda,tenho sementes em trânsito para o Brasil, sera q e 100% certeza q vou perder minhas seeds??

Se está preocupado em perder as sementes, talvez tenha perdido a cabeça...

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    • ainda bem que li aqui pedi 2 sementes ele falou que so envia 5 pra cima ai ja senti a maldade
    • Amigo, tive uma resposta da BioBizz:  We can imagine the NPK issue can be somewhat confusing. No worries, there aren’t any nerfed products.   The difference between the NPK values is because in different countries there are different ways to measure NPK levels and different requirements for labelling products.   There are about 23 different methods to measure the NPK levels: weight per volume, % per volume, milligrams per liter, direct available NPK, total available NPK, etc. With every method you get a different number.   In Europe and the rest of the world, we put on the label the TOTAL available NPKs, but in Brazil, NPK has to be calculated according to different requirements. We have to write on the label the DIRECT soluble NPK’s. Since this is always a lower amount, there is the difference.   With all these methods of measuring, the NPK level changes a bit. The only thing that never changes is the quality of the product. The numbers of NPK are based on rules and regulations and not on the formula of the product. So whatever it says on the bottle, you can rely for 100% on the effectiveness of our product.   We hope this info is useful. Please, feel free to get in touch with us again if you have more questions about the Biobizz products or how to use them.   Green greetings, Team Biobizz
    • Salve, pessoal, alguém tem esse painel aqui? Vale a pena ou é furada? Seria para um espaço pequeno, 40,40, 1 mais ou menos. Quatro plantas no máximo.  
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